Julia Valencia, a northwest native, is an accomplished, well-respected law enforcement officer and trainer.  She is a premier defensive tactics and combatives instructor who provides training at local police agencies, the police academy, and even instructing security teams outside the USA.  She has instructed defensive tactics to hundreds of police recruits and is an active regional police instructor in both the Defensive Tactics and Less Lethal Munitions Cadres.

Julia was inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016 for her instruction in tactical training and women’s self-defense. She is considered a subject matter expert in her industry.   Julia is the only female primary instructor for the nationally known defensive tactics training group ARRESTLING and a lead instructor for Next Level Training (SIRT). 

In 2018 she was recognized locally earning the title of “Officer of the Year”. Julia is currently assigned as a Police Corporal with her agency and is the first woman motorcycle officer there. Julia also holds a position at Bellevue Gun Club helping citizens understand firearms, the legalities of handgun ownership, and self-defense.

ulia is passionate about personal safety, community service and family.